Getting Creative with Noodles & Soup

Getting Creative with Noodles & Soup

What's so special about soup?

I'll be the first to say it-- this question has definitely popped into my mind more than once. Often, soup is treated as a side dish or a starter, leaving us to remember the meal-- but not the soup. It's an accompaniment and often not the main dish-- at least in my experience. 

This got me thinking. What are some of the ways that soup can be in focus during a meal? I thought back to the times when I craved soup specifically. What were the dishes I was craving? And then it hit me.


Now, as someone of Asian descent, I'm no stranger to noodle soup. Ramen, pho, udon, and simple wonton soups with noodles— at one time or another, I scarfed them down before they even had the chance to cool down (and yes, I got my tongue burnt).

The wheels in my head began turning when I started working for It's Souper. How could I combine my love for noodles with these Afro-fusion soups? After all, the noodle soups I'm familiar with all have a very different style of broth from these soups.

Here are some quick and easy It's Souper noodle ideas that I came up with that you can try at home!

It's (Noodle) Souper

1. Instant ramen + Roasted Carrot & Paprika Soup

For any Asian kid or college student (both of which I am), instant ramen is a staple. Get creative by adding it to Roasted Carrot & Paprika Soup! It's a simple and quick meal, but taken to the next level.

2. Your favourite noodle soup + West African Pepper Sauce

Many of the soups I'm used to having are often clear broths. They're delicious, but sometimes I crave a bit more of a kick. That's where the West African Pepper Sauce comes in. It's got the perfect amount of spice and taste to add an extra element of pizazz to your noodles.

Zoodles with Moroccan Chickpea Stew

3. Your choice of noodle + Moroccan Chickpea & Chicken Stew

Looking for some protein, meat lovers? The Moroccan Chickpea & Chicken Stew is perfect to add some noodles into for that savoury taste. Personally, I think it pairs really well with rice noodles! They latch onto the taste of the stew without getting soggy, and it's a great combination for a quick meal. If you’re looking for the noodle experience with less carbs, use zoodles (zucchini noodles)! They’re a delicious alternative and taste just as good. Check out the recipe for that here.

These Afro-Asian fusion meals are sure to add a great new element to your next bowl of noodle soup! I hope to find more ways to combine these two amazing cultures together in the future. 

See you soon, Souper stars!


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  • Saw your pitch last night. Excited for your business. Can you tell me how long the products are good on the shelf for? Can you let me know how you get them stable to be on the shelf and where to purchase the bags to place the food in? Thanks!

    Harsha Vallabh on

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