It's Soupers: Three Souper Soups to Cure Your Cold

It's Soupers: Three Souper Soups to Cure Your Cold

The winter is a hit or miss for most people. If you're like me, you dread it: it's cold, has slushy snow, it's dark outside, and the most annoying part it's flu season.

During the winter season, soups have been one the best remedies in keeping me from getting a cold because it's filled with sodium that relieves the throat from any pain. Soups also contain healthy vitamins, like vitamin C or A, that are important to take when sick.

Do you want to keep the cold away?

Here is my secret to keeping myself healthy, warm, and most importantly filled with delicious recipes:

1. Moroccan Chickpea and Chicken Soup 

The staple soup we all had growing up was chicken soup, and it was a pleasant experience and a moment locked in our memories. Now adding things like chickpea not only improves taste, but it helps with our digestive system. It's Souper's Moroccan Chickpea and Chicken soup has both one heat resistance and portable pouch, and can be great for 2-3 servings! It can be enjoyed with rice, noodles, wrap, or alone. 

Here is an easy recipe you can make with pasta and the Moroccan Chickpea soup:

2. Roasted Carrot and Paprika Soup (Ginger/Paprika)

This is all for my vegan and veggie lovers! Now with this soup, it's a whole different experience. You can have it as a roasted paprika carrot soup or ginger roasted carrot soup. They both serve in nutritious, tasty, spicy, and flu-cure agents.

Ginger is one of the best anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. It works magic in fighting against nausea. The same goes for paprika, which is high in Vitamin A and C and helps to relieve sour throats, runny noses, and congestion. You can get packaged soups like It's Souper's Roasted Carrot and Paprika Soup at your closest grocery store (Whole Foods or Sobeys) or online! It's also 2-3 servings!

Here is a recipe for how you can create your own tasty carrot soup meal:

3. Meat Lover Chilli

Last but definitely not least, It's Souper's Meat Lovers Chilli! Fun fact, did you know that spicy foods are a great treatment to help cure the common cold!They contain capsaicin (an active component in peppers) that breaks up mucus and help relieve cold symptoms like coughing and sore throat.

It's Souper's Meat Lovers Chilli is not like any other regular soups. Not only is it spicy and delicious, it is also loaded with assortment of meat, beans and nourishing vegetables. You can also partner it with naan or butter bread, to dip into. It adds to the taste and the different flavours and textures! Each packaging has 2-3 servings and can be enjoyed as either a side or a main meal. 

Here's a fun easy recipe with the Meat Lovers Chilli and rice:

I hope these soups can help cure your cold!

If you plan to try out any recipes, let us know by tagging our socials! Enjoy the delicious soups, with It's Souper! 

We wish you all love, health and a SOUPER warm and cozy winter season! 💛



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