Five Tips for Making The Best-Ever Homemade Soup

Five Tips for Making The Best-Ever Homemade Soup

What’s the secret to the best soup you’ve ever had?

That’s the question that popped in my mind a few weeks back, while speaking to a customer who was trying It’s Souper’s Meat Lovers Chili for the first time.

She loved it and compared it to one of the best soups she’s ever had, made by her grandfather.

That got me thinking of course of the best soup I’ve ever had, I didn’t have to think too long. 

My mom’s Fish Pepper Soup stands out in my mind. It was packed with so much flavour and texture and it warmed my entire body.

I remember the smell.

The taste.

But more than anything I remember the feeling of pure bliss as I devoured it.


Soup can be so simple yet satisfying but so many have not mastered the pure genius of cooking a yummy pot of soup.

Here are my five tips for making the Best-ever homemade soup.

1.  It’s all in the Broth and spices

The best way to make your soup stand out is to use homemade stock and not canned. While the canned broths save tons of time nothing compares to the freshness of making your own from scratch. The key in making a great tasting broth is by using spices, meats and/or vegetables that create a burst of aromatic flavor and without overpowering any recipe you intend to use it for.

2. Size matters

Sometimes it takes mere precision for everything in the pot to come together. When chopping vegetables and meats think about how big or small you want them to be on the spoon; you don’t want your soup to be difficult to eat so they should be reasonably sized .

3. Build as you go

To make a great soup it’s important to build the flavour as you go. Sauteed veggies like garlic, onions, and peppers are some of the key ingredients used as a base to most soups and releasing their flavour is often the first step in making a soup with depth.

4. Simmer

When the soup comes to a boil, you should then turn it to simmer. Simmering cooks the food gently and slowly, allowing it to maintain its structure in ways that are impossible with boiling. Simmering keeps your ingredients tender and juicy instead of drying them out like boiling would. This is the method we use for our Paprika Carrot soup because it cooks them uniformly and consistently 

5. Double up

Making soup in a large batch is quite easy and also very freezer friendly. So double up the ingredients and make two meals instead of one.

Bon Appetit!

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